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Who Is Bolaji O?

Bolaji O is the creator and author Brave Little Heroes books,
where he uses the power of story to help kids discover their own super powers.

He’s also the host of the Bravepreneur Parents podcast,
where I helps modern parents raise superhero kids, 5 days a week.

An award-winning speaker, his passion for doing stuff that matters
has taken him to the Olympics, MTV, Toastmasters city championships,
and a host of national media outlets.

Bolaji O is husband to the most amazing woman in the world,
and father to two BRAVE LITTLE HEROES.

Brave Quest is Bolaji’s brainchild – one he’s been working on for the past several years.

As he studied more and more about what makes for a successful life,
and how kids can grow up into the best versions of themselves, as adults
Bolaji started scribbling down ideas on loose sheets of paper.
Years later, these random ideas would come together, as what we now know as Brave Quest.

A common thread, in studying modern thought leaders like:
Carol Dweck, and Angela Duckworth,
Eric Thomas and Malcolm Gladwell,
Geoffrey Colvin and Daniel Coyle…

Or even historically great individuals like:
Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Edison,
Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi,

Or, even bringing much closer to home…
His Mom and Dad.
His grandparents.

And probably yours as well.

Having the guts, resilience, tenacity, and determination to not give up.

To pursue something bigger than oneself.

To do stuff that matters.

To stand up for what is right, even when it’s unpopular.

Bolaji has learned, that kids aren’t BORN with this kind of character.

It is instilled in them.

Then they go out, and live it.

They go out, and earn it.

First, resilience is taught.

Then, it is modeled.

And finally, the student must LIVE IT.

Bolaji has spent the past 24 months creating Brave Quest.

And now it’s here.

Let’s go out, and help our children to become the most powerful versions of themselves.

Because the world needs them to be strong.

Now, more than ever before.

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